At Fulani Development Group, we are focused on building relationships with our partners and clients by providing comprehensive plans and executing the vision for our real estate development projects.


We work with real estate professionals and community organizations to identify commercial real estate development opportunities. These opportunities include office, industrial, retail and mixed-use developments.


As a multi-family developer we build relationships with communities,  other real estate professionals and government agencies to identify multi-family development and redevelopment opportunities, as well as residential real estate development projects.

Community Development/Neighborhood Revitalization

Fulani Development Group is passionate about building vibrant and sustainable communities and revitalizing neighborhoods through strategic partnerships with local governments and community planning and development organizations. This approach helps to capture the values the community holds and work in that framework to build on their strengths and principles. 

Real Estate Development Consulting

Independent or in conjunction with other members of the development team, Fulani Development Group works directly with clients to develop and deliver real estate projects.  While the client is ultimately responsible for decision making, we provide professional, objective advice as we lead clients through the development process.  As consultants, we will oversee the entire project and remain engaged throughout all stages.